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From floors to walls, we specialize in tile installation in bathrooms and kitchens. We use some of the last hour techniques and materials which are on the market in the field of tile services, from tile installation to grout cleaning, resulting in precision, exact measurements and long life tile decoration. The strength and durability of a particular tile are determined by the ingredients that make up the body of the tile, the kind of glaze or finish used. If you want a professional designer look, but can’t afford an interior designer we are the solution.

SHOP SOLUTIONS will provide your home with a custom tile project and we are qualified and trained to deal with any issues and detail of the client. Whatever your remodeling needs may be, you can rest assured of our professionalism and expertise to help you create the project of your dreams. We will provide fast, professional installation to quality project completion. No matter what kind of tile services you need, from a small job to a large project, SHOP SOLUTIONS is the company to call.


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